I am going to live forever!

Dr Karen Weatherby, who carried out the German study, wrote in The New England Journal of Medicine: "Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics workout. Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation. There is no question that gazing at breasts makes men healthier. Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of a stroke and heart attack in half. We believe that by doing so consistently, the average man can extend his life 4 to 5 years." So guys and lesbians you got the doctor's orders. Next time a girl catches you staring at her chest (not that this has happened to me...) Just tell her you are working out, and she is adding days to your life. I would like to thank my gnome for sending me this info, her care about my well-being shows with this.

Thank you Paris

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Casting Call I Found

I was checking my casting calls and along with the grease auditions there was a promo. for cosmetics The discription said looking for males 18-25 with a 'SOFT'quality....hmmmmm... I wonder what they mean by that..

Those who are about to die, Salute you!

This goes out to Jim, Foos , and Me for an awesome victory today in Mechwarrior's Kill it keep it match. This was the army that we fought against. Lets just say we now own that dropship, and I own 4 of the mechs viewed.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

ignore the XML thingy, im tinkering
I need the other half of Sean^2, COME HOME! soon please

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Goodbye, Y100; hello, The Beat


Signs are pointing to the imminent death of radio station Y100 after nearly 12 years.

The modern-rock station, WPLY-FM (100.3), stopped using live disc jockeys at noon today when midday host Bret Hamilton signed off. Y100's Web site,, was changed to read "under construction."

Sister station WPHI-FM (The Beat) will move from 103.9 to use the stronger signal of 100.3, according to station insiders who spoke on condition of anonymity. The changeover is scheduled for midnight.

The 103.9 spot eventually will become a black-gospel station, the insiders said. A loop tape will be broadcast on 103.9 to steer listeners west on their dial, to 100.3.

Indications of the change began on the Preston & Steve morning show. Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison, who are bound for WMMR-FM (93.3) in the summer, were to air their Y100 finale tomorrow.

But before their 10 a.m. signoff, the show turned into a sort of wake. The station's program director, Jim McGuinn, mused on the air about his own future.

Y100 executives would not return messages.

Meanwhile, a Web site,, has been set up. It contains an online radio station with a Y100-style playlist as well as an online petition to save Y100. The site's source was unclear.

Give me your thoughts, im messing with some layouts

Where is Y100?

well this really caught me off guard in my e-mail. Since i haven't been able tlisten to the radio while away can someone tell me if this was pre-determined, or this unexpected?

This kid really wants to get in the pants

This is straight from someones info that we know My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.So won't you kill me, so I die happy. My heart is yours to fill or burst or break or bury or wear as jewelery,which ever you prefer.Hands down this is the best day I can ever remember,I'll always remember the sound of the stereo,the dim of the soft lights,the scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers and the time on the clock when we realized it's so late and the walk that we shared together.The street was wet and the gate was locked so I jumped it and let you in and you stood at the door with your hands on my waist and you kissed me,but you meant it and I knew that you meant it,that you meant it, that you meant it,and I knew, that you meant it.

look at what i find on my computer!?!?! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

you're not good at halo until you do these

New Insane Test! Listen to the file above and look at the picture for at least 20 sec Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

the better 2005 mock draft

alright, i muffed up the last one big time, cus i left out a few players, lol, but i'll try not to do it this time so here it goes Key. QB- Quarterback, RB- Runningback, WR- Wide Receiver, TE-Tight End, OT- Offensive Tackle, OG- Offensive Gaurd, C- Center, DE- Defensive End, DT- Defensive Tackle, ILB- Inside Linebacker, OLB- Outside Linebacker, CB- Cornerback, S-Safety 1. San Fransisco 49ers- QB Aaron Rodgers (Cal)... This pick makes the most sense, because the 49ers have a need at Quarterback, but in all honesty, they should REALLY trade down, they have so many needs its crazy. 2. Miami Dolphins- RB Cedric Benson (Texas)... The Dolphins r gonna be sitting in an odd weird situation here. If they get Shaun Alexander in free agency they wont have a need for running, but thats a but if. So if they dont land a RB before the draft, this is a safe pick, otherwise look for a potential QB or possibly a trade down. 3. Cleveland Browns- OLB Derrick Johnson (Texas)... The Browns need a solid linebacking corps, because new head coach Romeo Crennell is switching to a 3-4 defence, and Derrick Johnson would fit right in being a HUGE playmaker on defence. Also with the move to the 3-4 they might take a defencive lineman here, but they need a solid linebacker more then a big body up front. also look for QB Alex Smith here. 4. Chicago Bears- WR Mike Williams (USC)... This pick makes the most sense here with the bears need for a big playmaker at reciever, everything else is in place, theres even talks of Kurt Warner signing with the browns to bridge the gap for Rex Grossman. This is the only pick i see happening here, i would be very surprised if it was traded or used on something else. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB Carnell Williams (Auburn)... This pick isnt exactly a lock, but its a smart choice considering they had a nonexsistant run game in 2005. They very well could go in another direction, but i dont know what else they would take, a cornerback perhaps? but i see a running back. 6. Tennessee Titans- CB Antrel Rolle (Miami/Fl)... The pick of Antel Rolle is a slick one considering theyre star corner Andre Dyson is going to leave in free agency, and who better to fill his void then a classic shut down corner like Antrel. The Titans might also take a good hard look at Alex Smith as the QB of the future due to Steve McNair's recent retirement talk, but this is the safest pick for them. 7. Oakland Raiders- RB Ronnie Brown (Auburn)... Ronnie Brown fits Norv Turners style of offence, a big bruiser back who can also catch out of the backfeild. Ronnie Brown in my opinion is the best back in this draft because hes a good enough reciever out of the backfield to be a difference maker. I dont see the Raiders straying too far from this pick. its going to be a running back whoever is left at pick 7. 8. Arizona Cardinals- QB Alex Smith (Utah)... Rumor has it theyre gonna swap left tackle LJ Shelton with the Bills for Travis Henry, if this deal happens it will cancel the need for the cardinals to take a running back in this draft, and allow them to take another need.... Quarterback 9. Washington Redskins- WR Braylon Edwards (Michigan)... Yes, thats right, a wide out. The Redskins are shopping Rod Gardner because he's unhappy with the offense in washington, and if thats the case, they need a good #2 possible #1 to go with Laverneaus Coles. The Redskins may also go defense this year, as in a lineman type, but the core group from last year was one of the best in the league, so we'll have to wait and see on draft day. 10. Detroit Lions- S Brodney Pool (Oklahoma)... The Lions r in desperate need of big physical guys in the secondary, and what a better place to start then at the safety position. They may also go w/ Adam "Pacman" Jones here, who is considered the next best cornerback behind Antrel Rolle, but how can u pass up a Sean Taylor type? 11. Dallas Cowboys- DE/OLB Shawne Merriman (Maryland)... Bill Parcells is known for taking the "Tweener" ends and making them stars in the NFL... Willie McGinest... John Abraham. Well Shawne Merriman is in the same mold an undersized end in college, but could also project as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defence. If Parcells has his way, he'll use him at both End and Linebacker, and should have a decent career in the NFL. Another possibility here is to trade the pick, or take the big defensive end Marcus Spears from LSU 12. San Diego Chargers- DE Dan Cody (Oklahoma)...The pick of Dan Cody is somewhat of a strange one, I dont exactly see him fitting in here, but he can also play linebacker... in the mold of Julian Peterson of the 49ers. He's got a great motor, and hes been a leader on the Sooner defense, so this should turn out to be a great pick by the chargers, a strange pick, but good none the less. 13. Houston Texans- DE Marcus Spears (LSU)... This pick could change come draft day, Marcus Spears should be off the board around here, and unless Adam Jones is around or they decide a need for an Offencive Lineman is much greater look for Marcus Spears to work the left side of the D-Line for the Texans for many years. 14. Carolina Panthers- TE Heath Miller (Virginia)... Heath Miller is good, but this is a bit high for him, i dont really see the Panthers taking anyone else here, perhaps Adam Jones to add to their young cornerbacks, but theyre gonna need a lot of help on offence due to the departure of Mushin Muhammed in free agency. 15. Kansas City Chiefs- CB Adam "Pacman" Jones (West Virginia)... Yes, after all this time, hes FINALLY off the board, im pretty sure he'll go before the 15 spot, but the teams before this have other needs, and this is the absolute FARTHEST he will slip, if he goes past 15 i will indeed be shocked. The Chiefs could also go the way of a linebacker, or a Defencive End, like Erasmus James. Erasmus would also be a PERFECT fit here, but it all depends on how the first 14 picks play out. 16. New Orleans Saints- S/OLB Thomas Davis (Georgia)... The Saints r in need of everything but defensive lineman on defense, so Thomas Davis could fill the need of safety or linebacker depending on where they decide to play him. Either way he should have a good pro career. 17. Cinncinatti Bengals- DT Anttaj Hawthorne (Wisconsin)... The Bengals have a great End in Justin Smith, and theyre defense is forever improving under headcoach Marvin Lewis, but they do have a need at Tackle, because the tackles they have now r good... but there is PLENTY of room for improvment, and Hawthorne's size and speed could work well with Justin Smith. 18. Minnesota Vikings- ILB Channing Crowder (Florida)... The Vikings will be looking at a cornerback here as well to move Brian Williams back to safety, and they can also look for a big nose tackle so they can move Kevin Williams back to his Under Tackle spot, but it all goes by best available here, and Channing Crowder is very good, and also young. He should be a very good addition to the Vikings talented young linebacking corps 19. St. Louis Rams- DE Erasmus James (Wisconsin)... Erasmus James is an excellent defencive end, and to be honest he should've been off the board earlier, but the way i see it all playing out, he'll slip and end up with the Rams, and hopefully he'll have a chip on his shoulder, so he'll do pretty damn good, unless injuries give him a problem. Thats another reason why he could slip this far, Erasmus James is also injury prone, but hes one of the best when healthy, so its high risk high reward here. 20. Dallas Cowboys- CB Carlos Rogers (Auburn)... The Cowboys are in need of a shut down corner to go with Terrence Newman. Carlos Rogers is a quick and physical corner, who should do decent in the NFL, i dont see much else going on with this pick, so if hes here... hes a cowboy. 21. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Matt Roth (Iowa)... This is interesting because they can go with any number of defencive ends here... David Pollack, Justin Tuck, also could fit into this fromula, so im just gonna pick my favorite out of the 3, haha. 22. Baltimore Ravens- WR Troy Williamson (South Carolina)... The speedy Williamson fits a need at wide receiver for the Ravens, theres not much of a choice here unless they trade for Randy Moss, a WR HAS to be taken by the Ravens at this spot. 23. Seattle Seahawks- DE David Pollack (Georgie)... The Seahawks could have a number of needs depending on how free agency plays out, but as of right now they need a left end, because the ones they have now just arent cutting it. Also look for a possible safety here, or even a DT Because Travis Johnson is still on the board. 24. Green Bay Packers- DT Travis Johnson (Florida State)... This pick doesnt make sense to most, because their needs lie in the secondary, but in this case a defencive tackle like travis johnson dropping to 24 doesnt happen everyday, so if he does indeed slip to this point, look for the packers to snag him. They could also go w/ a cornerback here as well. 25. Denver Broncos- DE/DT Shaun Cody (USC)... With the new move to the 3-4 as their base defense theyre gonna need big lineman to pick up blockers, and with the team shopping around Trevor Pryce this pick makes the most sense, the only other way i could see them going, is if they take a linebacker. 26. New York Jets- CB Brandon Browner (Oregon State)... The big corner back out of Oregon State fits here. They could also take a CB/S type in Marlin Jackson, but the 6'3" Browner fits just fine here. If John Abraham leaves via trade, they could also with an end unless they trade this pick away, but if not look for Browner. 27. Atlanta Falcons- OT Alex Barron (Florida State)... This is a HUGE slip for Alex Barron, but this years Offencive Line crop isnt as strong in recent years, and i figure the rest of the lottery has more pressing needs, its VERY likely Barron could be picked well before this, and i would hope so. Im sure someone will trade up for him. and if thats the case look for the falcons to take an offencive lineman here regardless. 28. San Diego Chargers- OT Jammal Brown (Oklahoma)... Again another lineman going later then they should, but at least Jammal Brown wasnt as hyped as Alex Barron was, so it is quite possible he could drop this far. If he does however look for the Chargers to take him here, they could also go with a WR, but that would be a bit of a reach for the first round. 29. Indianapolis Colts- DT Mike Patterson (USC)... I personally like Jason Babineax here, but i dont see Tony Dungy passing up a small run stuffer like Patterson, especially since they had a terrible defence last year, and they need someone to go with Dwight Freeney on the line. Patterson gives them a legitimate force in the middle, and hed be a decent fit for the Colts. 30. Pittsburgh Steelers- CB/S Marlin Jackson (Michigan)...The Steelers had hoped Brandon Browner would be here at 30, but i dont see that happening, so the next best thing is Marlin Jackson. Hes every bit as phsyical as Browner, just a little smaller, at 6'1" 215 he is also projected at safety, but the Steelers will fill him in at corner because its somewhat of a need. 31. Philadelphia Eagles- OLB Kevin Burnett (Tennessee)... The Eagles would be smart to take a Linebacker here, especially one as quick and instinctive as Kevin Burnett. The Eagles could also go with an Offencive lineman, theyve traded up before, its possible they could do it again, but if they stick it out here, and wait for the 2nd pick int he 2nd round, they should be able to do decent in the draft. 32. New England Patriots- S/OLB Ernest Shazor (Michigan)... As most of u know... the Patriots dont have a need for much of anything, but w/ the sudden storke Teddy Bruschi had, its quite possible they could take Justin Tuck from Notre Dame, Justin is a tweener End who is capable of playing end, but not in a 3-4 defence, he would move to linebacker, but it all depends on the health of Teddy. Well thats it and thats all... again, ill probably make like 3 er 4 more of these things, because needs change, and people move on, so i hope u kids got informed by this, if not, oh well... this is what i plan to do for a living, so suck it.
Remember the infamous, anti smoker kid? Well I sent him an email simply saying: You Win. Just to end the useless chatter. To this they replied:
if you really believe I won,  then say so to everyone who read your previous 
column. let people know the more logical stance on the issue. Then I might 
believe that you actually think Im correct. Otherwise, you're just too 
cowardly or tired to fight for your own beliefs. I may have been severely 
insulting, but if you'll notice I did discuss your points. Its just more fun 
for me to be mean in them.

But seriously, if you really think that, I think it would be impressive to 
see you say it to people.
Otherwise, you are just backing down from your viewpoint, whether it was 
because I cursed or had the better argument Im not sure, but you shouldn't 
let someone intimidate you out of your opinion, regardless of their method.
Hope to hear more from you on the topic,


Then they followed it with another email:

I thought about it a little, and I realized that if you were going to 
chicken out of the argument you probably would have stopped emailing, 
(though, I could be wrong, you could have just been trying to get me to shut 
up) I have noticed that that is most people's way of handling the scenario: 
not responding. So I apologize if you were being sincere, because you at 
least took the time to respond.
Hopefully, this is correct.


To which I replied:
I responded just to defend my point.  No opinion writer worth
his salt would just go quietly.  Anything after that was
you just cursing up a storm with your points wedged in
between.  I though that nothing earth shattering was probably
going to come out of us emailing.  But, alas you have
surprised me.  I still stand at my former opinion and
(obviously) I don't think you going anywhere.  But thank you
for at least caring enough to fight back.

And thanks most of all for reading.

Sean Blanda

chris bonniwell in 20 years? Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 17, 2005

what serial killer are you?

this is friggin clever, i got Ted Bundy, exactly who i thought i would get too... thats creepy, but just do it for the fun of it, and post ur Serial Killer

Random Funny Thing

I was walkin outa the glass lab at SCC this morning and I saw this Jeep or what ever you want to call it, it was really small and odd looking, well anyway a guy was in it and he was totally rocking out to some violins hardcore. Like if i was in a commercial i would have called up TBS to see how funny it was.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

She/he strikes back
Oh really? You don't smoke?!? Then you are just a fucking cunt then.
What the fuck is wrong with you, you sack of shit?!?!
I'm so surprised you didn't consider the lives of waitresses and bartenders 
when you were contemplating your article, what a fucking shock, you 
Who the fuck is the bottomfeeder who gave you a column?
Did you seriously compare being a bartender or waitress to being a 
Not the same, shitsucker. Pro-athletes get paid sick amounts of money to 
entertain people for up to 6 months of the year.
Most waiters and bartenders provide people with personal service, so that 
they can pay rent week to week. You are some kind of fucking genius.
And while we are at it, why stop there? Let's make more dumbfucking 
assumptions about how the world works...
How about this one? People have jobs in hazardous chemical plants, or 
nuclear power facilities, why bother protecting them? They knew what they 
were getting into. They knew they had to work near hazmats and nuclear 
reactors, they don't need any kind of protection, or workers rights. Its 
basically their fault. You know?
Really good logic.
AND DONT TRY TO SAY: Thats HARDLY the same thing, because, yes, cockbreath, 
it is. RADIATION KILLS, SMOKING KILLS. It is that simple.
You know what else? Why protect people at all? Employers will always keep 
the best interest of their employees in mind.(I would like to just take a 
moment here to tell you, EAT SHIT, shiteater) Governments and corporations 
care about people and the environment. Let's not have laws to protect 
anyone, it imposes on our freedoms, dogfucker.

You don't have the belief of love it or leave it?!?!? OBVIOUSLY YOU DO!!! 
In case you forgot, you just wrote an article about how people should leave 
bars and restaurants if they don't like being near smoking. Like it or leave 
it, Love it or leave it... same fucking thing, taintface.

Oh, and why don't you explain to me exactly where you decided that those 
people have the right to smoke in a restaurant? From what magical place did 
they get this right? From the law? Obviously not! Most of the basic rights 
we have agreed upon are based on an agreed moral code, which includes not 
killing other people because you are too weak to quit smoking. They have 
places to smoke, LOTS of places to smoke, homes, streets, sewers, and 
coffins. Smoking causes environmental pollution, littering, death, and 
disease, as well as being an inconvenience to everyone who has to be around 

You know what? You are right, lets give people a place to smoke. Lets give 
them a place to shoot guns off, too. Without any regard for other people 
around them.
How the fuck are people going to pass their own law????
As long as people are legally allowed to smoke in bars, they will. And those 
people who give a shit about their health have nowhere to go that doesnt 
permit smoking.
God you are an idiot. I have run out of amazingly awesome cursewords and 
insults because Im too tired from beating the shit out of your flawed logic.

Nice work, jackass, you even managed to insult the punctuation and grammar 
of an EMAIL that I wrote casually, and typed while STANDING in spare time 
between classes. This of course was contrasted by your masterful navigation 
of a logic system so complex you negated to take into consideration the 
people who are ALWAYS there. FROM OPEN TO CLOSE. and you forget that they 
were of concern. for an ARTICLE in a NEWSPAPER!!!! That is absolutely the 
same thing, and well worth criticizing. It was awesome of you to take a 
prescriptivist view of casual orthographic dialogue. Tres enlightened.

eat my shit.

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Someone actually made a program that links any actor, actress, magician, musician to kevin bacon......the highest i got was factor of 4...with Eve
Funny story I wrote this artilce, it appeared this Tuesday. Please skim it and continue. Today I get this email.
you fucking idiot.
you are so fucking dumb.
first of all let me start off by saying that your opinion is wrong.
I am a subjectivist, a relativist, post modernist whatever you want to call
it, but your opinion is wrong.
I didnt think an opinion could be wrong. but yours is.
Insert everything wrong with smoking here (second hand, cancer, pollution,
chemicals, coporations, children, etc...)
why the fuck should i have to leave an establishment so you can kill
yourself? or to protect my health? why the fuck should waiters and
bartenders have to work in hazardous conditions?
Great Opinion though. too bad its wrong, you fucking waste of skin.
i hope you get throat lung and face cancer, and the next time you are
sitting at the bar smoking or macking on some girl that all your homophobic
frat brothers have already fucked and given the gift of heps A-C, that your
cancerous face falls off and you live the rest of your life with AIDS and
cervical cancer. you piece of shit.
I dont know about your awsome fucking job at the Temple Newspaper, but alot
of bartenders and waitresses dont have the option to "leave".
You know what else im fucking sick of this "Leave" argument.
Who the fuck does that? Who finds something they dont like in a place that
they do, and says oh well, ill have to get over that.
You sound like those dumb fucking hicks from the south "America. Love it or
leave it." FUCK YOU!
some people care about things despite their problems and want to "FIX" THEM.
There is a new word for your vocab list, cum-for-brains.
FIX essentially means to repair or make better.
"WHAT IS TO FIX?" you might ask, if you are a fucking retard...
A system that ensures things like lung cancer for people who are only trying
to make money to take care of their family, and not for the ridiculous
fucking assholes who "need a smoke" to wind down after a tough day of
sucking dick at Temple News.
You are a fucking idiot. Have fun writing for the Metro.
I have so much more to say but am getting sick from wondering how you got
into college.
eat my shit.
I wish I made this up. My Response:

You have a good point about the bartenders and waitresses. I'll admit I did not consider that. However taking a job of a bartender comes with those assumed risks, bartenders and anyone who walks into a bar know exactly what to expect. It falls under the same umbrella as a football player complaining getting injured or a bouncer complaining about getting into a fight. These risks come with the job.

You ask why you should leave an establishment so someone else can smoke. I say because it is every bit there right to have a place to smoke, and it is every bit your right to leave. If the bar owners decide to allow smoking then people should be able to smoke. Just as if they disallow, people should be expected not to light up.

Know that I don’t smoke and I'm not in a frat. I don’t have the philosophy of “love it or leave it” but if we want smoking reforms or bans it I think it should come from the citizens choosing their own business policy.

Thank you for you insightful and well worded email. You are a master of punctuation and grammar.

Street Warz

Guys they have added alot of new features to the game Street Warz, I think you all should check it out. It might add to the game very much and i think we should consider playing again next month.
***IMPORTANT BITCHES*** I've been messing around with some settings on the blog and it turns out you can have your blog mailed like a newsletter to any email adress. Also you can send the site as an RSS or ATOM fead to be picked up by programs and read. Basically, we could be our own little newsletter/column. What I propose to you is this, we could seriously write articles and structured, planned funny stuff and have a nice humor newsletter. What do you think? Too much work? Just another crazy idea from one of the seans? Or our ticket to making it big? Please let your voice be heard. Even if you just check this blog occasionally and see this, comment. see more here Also we could transfrom this site into what we always wanted, with commentary reviews, and movies. We could make it look snazzy and it would give us motovation to actually finish our movies, and sell T-shirts.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I think im goin to post everyday so that our blog isnt boring. Although I really have nothing to say, so its goin to be hard. Now Ive been thinkin I want to make some more songs for the purevolume but i need some topics, so if you guys would be kind and leave me some ideas. I will make a song outa the best one.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ladies and gents, the pride and joy of Temple Buisness honors, Anuja D. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Me and Jim we're talking, and we were talking about getting an FNR Tattoo... its not a bad idea, im not a fan of tattoos but i can at least appriciate them if they have a meaning behind it, and i think FNR deffinatly fits under a tattoo that means something, so it was just a thought, post a comment or two on it, cus this looks pretty doable

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Luke Skywalker

Have you ever went into your bathroom and sat down on the toilet to take a nice refreshing dump and looked up only to see luke skywalker in your tub. Well I have, it scared the shit outa me!

Friday, February 11, 2005


I want seans little brother and one of his friends, whatever one is the Fugliest, to dress up like kriscross and have a cameo while the song Jump is playin in the background. and another idea was if we can figure out how to do it, have a decision thing in the moive like if u want sean to say yes to this offer then skip to scene 2 if no then goto scene 3.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Im in the mood to tinker with the blog again. Suggestions? Is it a good idea? And marraffa if you send me that video you wanna up load I'd like to try and figure out how it works...if you dont mind.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

BJ with John Kerry? Tom McDonald's idea Posted by Hello

First Mock Draft...

alright kids... im bored so i figured if get a head start, and give u my mock draft... and the reasoning being it 1. San Fransisco 49ers- QB Aaron Rodgers (Cal)... im going w/ Rodgers here for no particular reason, i still beileve the 49ers will trade down, but if they dont its going to be a coin flip between him and Alex Smith, but rumor has it Matt Lienart might add his name into the supplimental draft because of Norm Chow's departure, so we'll see what happens there 2. Miami Dolphins- RB Cedric Benson (Texas)... I like Benson here because hes a proven star in college, 4 1,000 yard seasons out of Texas, he WAS that team, but in this spot could also be Carnell "Cadillac" Willams, or Ronnie Brown, all three could work out here 3. Cleveland Browns- OLB Derrick Johnson (Texas)... im going w/ this pick here because i dont see them trading down, and Derrick is a VERY safe pick for the browns, considering they need major help on the defencive front, hes quick, and knows how to play the position, so this makes as much sense as any other pick 4. Chicago Bears- WR Mike Williams (USC)... they REALLY need a big time wide out, and Mike Williams has the size (6'5" 230 Ilb) and the skill to be a great wide out in the NFL 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB Carnell "Cadillac" Williams (Auburn)... this pick is very crucial since the buccs need to really reorganize the run game, they signed charlie garner in '04 but he didnt produce, so look for them to go for a speedy back w/ this pick 6. Tennessee Titans- CB Antrel Rolle (Miami/FL).... this pick is a mystery to me, im just putting Antrel in here for now until things play out in free agency, i could still see him being taken here, but ill know more info later, so i can make this deffinite, but for now, i see the titans taking the shut down corner out of the U 7. Oakland Raiders- RB Ronnie Brown (Auburn)... Perfect fit here for Ronnie and the Raiders, he fits Norv Turners running game just fine, a big bruising back, who can do it all at 6'1" 23o Ilb, he should have no trouble pounding out the big gains in Oakland 8. Arizona Cardinals- QB Alex Smith (Utah)... i dont totally agree w/ this pick, reason being, they need a running back, if any of the top three slip to the 8th spot, the cardinals SHOULD take them, but if not Alex Smith is a good choice here, because the running back position is very deep this year, so its likely they'll find a quality back in the 2nd round 9. Washington Redskins- DT Anttaj Hawthorne (Wisconsin)... the redskins can go w/ a number of defencive lineman here, but they need to start from the inside out, and Anttaj is a big body in the middle who should be a nice fit for the redskins 10. Detroit Lions- CB Adam "Pac Man" Jones (West Virginia)... Pac Man is a good choice for the Lions because of their need for a shut down corner, now the lions could also take a safety here, but a corner is in demand in Detroit 11. Dallas Cowboys- CB Carlos Rogers (Auburn)... this isnt a bad pick, but its a bit of a reach, the cowboys might also go with the likes of Shaun Cody here, but Carlos Rogers would also fit fine working w/ Terrence Newman in the Big D 12. San Diego Chargers- WR Braylon Edwards (Michigan)... a big reciever... a definite NEED for the chargers, theres not much else i see going on w/ this pick, because i see braylon sticking around until the 12th spot 13. Houston Texans- DE Marcus Spears (LSU).... this is a safe pick here considering the Texans are looking for a Big end to be in place for the 3-4 and Spears is big at 6'4" 295 Ilbs, the texans may also take a linebacker here, but this is a pretty safe pick to me, so look for Spears at 13 14. Carolina Panthers- TE Heath Miller (Virginia).... i know its not the WR theyre gonna need to line up w/ Steve Smith and Keary Colbert, but a good TE can pay HUGE dividends, so if Miller is still around here, look for the panthers to take him at the 14 spot 15. Kansas City Chiefs- DE Erasmus James (Wisconsin)... the Chiefs can take a number of defencive players here, so its basically the best available defencive player, and Erasmus is considered the best Defencive end in this years draft, so depending on what theyre looking for, the pick can change 16. New Orleans Saints- ILB Channing Crowder (Florida).... the Saints are also a team w/ many defencive needs, so we'll start at Linebacker, because they already have an abundance of Ends and Tackles, they might also take a Safety here, or reach for a Cornerback, but i think Channing is the safest defensive pick here 17. Cinncinatti Bengals- DT Anttaj Hawthorne (Wisconsin)... Their main need is a big body in the middle, they may also take a corner, but u cant pass up a guy like Anttaj, another possibility is Shaun Cody, but hes more of a tweener, so Hawthorne is the safe pick right now 18. Minnesota Vikings- ILB Odell Thurman (Georgia)... this pick is interesting because they can go w/ a CB or a WR here also, it all depends on whose around, and if Randy Moss gets traded, but Odell Thurman is still a very nice pick, hes quick, and a sure tackler, hed be a nice fit in the young linebacking corps in minnesota 19. St. Louis Rams- OT Jammal Brown (Oklahoma)... im not sure what pick is gonna go here... this pick makes sense to me because of the constant need for O-lineman in St. Louis, but they might also take a DE to make up for the loss of Grant Wistrom last year 20. Dallas Cowboys- DE David Pollack (Georgia)... hes not a parcells guy, but hes got a great motor, and hes been an EXCELLENT college lineman, in my opinion how can u NOT take him at the 20 spot, i think the cowboys would be very foolish to pass up on a guy like Pollack 21. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE Matt Roth (Iowa)... this pick is a GREAT pick, Matt Roth is a small lineman, but hes a ball hawk, and he would fit just fine working next to the big tackle duo of Henderson and Stroud, this pick is almost perfect for jacksonville 22. Baltimore Ravens- WR Troy Williamson (South Carolina)... the speedy wide out from south carolina would feel a need for the ravens here, theyve needed a WR since forever, haha, and nows the time for them to snag one at the 22 spot 23. Seattle Seahawks- OT Alex Barron (Florida State)... yes, i realize Alex Barron is down at 23, but i honestly seeing him slipping, and with all the needs the seahawks r gonna have, theyre gonna need to start somewhere, and thats the offencive line, and Alex Barron is still a quality pick 24. Green Bay Packers- CB Corey Webster (LSU)... thats right, a cornerback is DEFFINATLY in order here, this makes sense, but they might also stretch for Brett Favres heir, or they could also trade down and take a chance in the 2nd round and get both a corner and a QB 25. Denver Broncos- DE/DT Shaun Cody (USC)... this pick fits just fine with the Broncos who plan on moving to a 3-4 defence next season, Cody can play both inside and outside, and hes a force at both spots, the Broncos might also take a linebacker because of the 3-4 shift, so we'll have to wait and see 26. New York Jets- S Brodney Pool (Oklahoma)... the jets have a need for a safety, and Brodney Pool is a big physical safety in the mold of Sean Taylor, so i think this would be a nice fit for the jets at 26 27. Atlanta Falcons- OG Elton Brown (Virginia)... this pick works here because the Falcons need to revamp their O-line, not much else the falcons need either, so i see them going w/ elton out of Virginia, who has a notorious mean streak, and is very physical, this is a safe pick, and it works out great for the Falcons run game 28. San Diego Chargers- DE Dan Cody (Oklahoma)... Dan Cody is a GREAT defencive end, but he slips here because there isnt too much of a need at end, and hes also got a ton of talent ahead of him, he can also play linebacker if need be, but i see him as an end in the NFL 29. Indianapolis Colts- DT John Babineaux (Iowa)... i like this pick alot, because Babineaux is a former fullback, hes small, but hes very quick and agile, and the colts need more speed on the line, they might also go with a bigger tackle like Mike Patterson here, so its a coin flip, but i like Babineaux here 30. Pittsburgh Steelers- CB Marlin Jackson (Michigan)... The Steelers had one of the best defences in 2004, but they still need a slight upgrade at the cornerback position, and marlin jackson is a big physical corner, he might also project as a safety to some teams, but he fits the steelers style of play, so look for them to take Marling here at 30 31. Philadelphia Eagles- OLB Kevin Burnett (Tennessee)... The Eagles dont really have a NEED, so i see them taking the speedy Kevin Burnett out of Tennessee here, if they dont resign Corey Simon, they can also take Mike Patterson here if hes still available. They can also go with Offencive gaurd/center David Baas out of Michigan to help add more depth on the O-line, but Burnett can help out w/ the eagles undersized, underachieving group 32. New England Patriots- S Thomas Davis (Georgia)... this pick is the best available, because the patriots dont have too many needs, so they just add depth w/ Davis here. Davis may also play linebacker, but it all depends on what team he goes to, to fill what need, but Thomas Davis is a safe pick, and a good choice to close out the first round. well there u have it... the first edition of my mock draft, im sure ill tinker w/ it and mess around w/ it a few more times before i settle on my final first round picks, but this is my rough outline of the lottery.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We need to attach a video to this blogger, Jason said he can do it for us. What do u guys think about that?

My Prelim Draft needs and such

alright kids... its already that time... the NFL season is over, so that means the Offseason begins, and its time to get the Mock Draft Boards out. Now ive always been critical of others draft boards, so ive decided to make my own. so this will be ongoing until April 27th... day 1 of the 2005 NFL Draft, so for now im gonna lay out the draft order, and next to them ill put the top 4 needs for each team. Key: QB- Quarterback, RB- Running Back, WR- Wide Reciever, TE- Tight End, OL- Offencive Lineman, OT- Offencive Tackle, OG- Offencive Gaurd, C- Center, DL- Defencive Lineman, DE- Denfencive End, DT- Defencive Tackle, LB- Linebacker, CB- Cornerback, S-Saftey 1. San Fransisco 49ers- QB, DL, OL, S..... QB is the most obvious choice here, but look for them to trade down, because they need a WHOLE lot of players 2. Miami Dolphins- RB, OL, QB, S.... RB cus Ricky Williams is a pot smoking hippie, and u need to rebuild the offence somewhere 3. Cleveland Browns- OL, QB, CB, LB.... new defencive minded headcoach, they either trade down, or take a big time defencive player 4. Chicago Bears- WR, CB, OL, LB.... they OBVIOUSLY need a WR 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB, OL, RB, TE.... They suck at the run game so look for a running back to be taken here 6. Tennessee Titans- OL, DE, CB, LB.... these guys r gonna be raped by free agency, so we'll have to wait and see how things play out before i can make a deffinite guess 7. Oakland Raiders- RB, LB, S, WR.... they need a running back like Starsky and Hutch needed Huggy Bear 8. Arizona Cardinals- RB, QB, CB, LB.... im gonna assume a RB here, only becase the QBs in this draft are weak, and i dont see them taking Alex Smith here 9. Washington Redskins- DL, WR, OL, LB.... Defencive Line all the way here, theyve needed an upgrade for YEARS, and now they'll finally address that need here 10. Detroit Lions- DL, LB, S, CB... theyve went Offence the past 3 years in the 1st round, its time for them to get a shut down corner in the first round they desperately need 11. Dallas Cowboys- DL, LB, CB, S.... Parcells likes fatties, so see him take a big ass defencive tackle, or another cornerback 12. San Diego Chargers- WR, DL, DL, S.... they need a WR BADLY... end of story 13. Houston Texans- OL, DL, LB, CB... The Texans passed up on Vince Wilfork last year... so they might take a big DT to plug up the middle this year, or take a CB as an understudy to Aaron Glenn 14. Carolina Panthers- OL, WR, S, TE.... theyre gonna need a WR because they wont be able to resign Mushin Muhammad 15. Kansas City Chiefs- LB, DL, CB, S... These guys stunk on ice last year, so look for them to beef up their defence, the best available defencive player will do here 16. New Orleans Saints- CB, S, LB, OL... these guys also sucked ass on the defencive side, this is what happens when all u do is draft defencive lineman.... take a hint, and draft other positions.... give urselves a chance 17. Cincinatti Bengals- DT, LB, OL, TE.... They need a big man in the middle of the d-line to plug the run, the d-line played great last year, but they're tackles are only decent at best 18. Minnesote Vikings- DT, LB, CB, WR.... theyre looking for a big nose tackle so they can have a good front 4, but also look for them to get a WR to counter the departure of Randy Moss in a trade 19. St. Louis Rams- CB, OT, S, DL.... they need a shut down corner, or an offencive tackle here, but knowing mike martz.... he'll manage to draft a WR or something dumb, cus hes a flippin moron. 20. Dallas Cowboys- DL, LB, S, CB.... thats right the cowboys pick twice kids, cus they played smart, so now parcells can get two fatties for the price of one, its almost like the cowboys r gonna go to Old Country Buffet and pick out theyre deffencive line 21. Jacksonville Jaguars- DE, LB, CB, OG... the jaguars REALLY need a good pass rush from the line, they have the best tackle tandem in the league in Marcus Stroud and John Henderson, so add a pass rushing end, PLEASE! 22. Baltimore Ravens- WR, DT, OG, LB.... after the T.O. debacle, it left them w/ a need for a WR, so maybe they can finally get it done here... or maybe a trade for moss is in order 23. Seattle Seahawks- OT, LB, QB, RB.... these guys are another team thats gonna be raped by free agency, i see them taking the best available here, because it doesnt look like anyone is coming back 24. Green Bay Packers- CB, S, LB, DL.... everyone wants to think the packers will take a QB to serve as Favre's heir... not gonna happen, not in the first round anyway, look for them to take a speedy corner back or a hard hitting safety, because theyre defence was simply atrocious last year 25. Denver Broncos- DT, S, TE, LB.... the broncos r runningback city, so theres no need for them to take a RB, but they do need a pass rush from their front four, so look for them to take a lineman 26. New York Jets- CB, S, OL, TE.... in my opinion... Chad Pennington sucks ass, but they wont take a QB, so look for them to take a safety or a cornerback 27. Atlanta Falcons- OT, OG, C, CB.... not too many glaring needs here, but they do need to improve on the offencive line so vick doesnt get jacked up when he decides to run like he stole something 28. San Diego Chargers- WR, OL, DL, S.... yes the chargers pick twice as well, because Eli Manning is the dumbest mother fucking person on the PLANET, by the way... how is it sitting the bench for a losing team in NY? at anyrate, as i stated before they need a WR, maybe they'll take a big lineman here as well, ur guess is as good as mine here 29. Indianapolis Colts- CB, DT, LB, RB... the colts r most likely gonna franchise Mr. James, but if they dont, look for them to snag up a runningback here, if not then they'll take a big defencive tackle to help out w/ Dwight Freeney on the d-line 30. Pittsburgh Steelers- CB, RB, WR, DL.... the steelers dont have too many needs here, but if u had to force me to pick, id say they would go w/ a CB here, but the best available player will do just fine for them, add depth 31. Philadelphia Eagles- DT, LB, OG, CB.... the eagles dont have too many needs, theyre needs depend on free agency as well, i dont see them resigning Corey Simon, and if they dont, look for them to take a big defencive tackle here, if not, then they'll add depth to the linebacking core 32. New England Patriots- DL, CB, OL, RB.... as most of u saw... they dont have any needs, so i say take whatever the hell u want, cus ur gonna rape and pillage the NFL for a year or two more until free agency rips off ur balls thats it for now... look for me to tag on actual players, and scenarios in a week or two, maybe sooner depending on how much free time i have, later kids

Monday, February 07, 2005

New ABC Family Reality Show

The University is pleased to announce that the ABC Family network andEndemol USA, producers of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Big Brother arecoming to the University City Main Campus this spring to film Back to School(working title), a new comedic reality show.The show will give the parents of four current undergraduates theopportunity to experience college life at Drexel with their children duringthe spring term. The program will also allow us to share the Drexelexperience with a national audience.Casting directors are visiting Drexel now through Sunday, February 20, 2005to interview possible project participants. To be considered, you must be18 years old and a current full-time Drexel undergraduate student with aparent who has never attended a university or never had the opportunity tofinish college.

Received this in my Drexel E-mail

Religous Ignorance

As compared to our last post this will have to do nothing with dildo's or drunken photos. But en reute walking back tot eh dorm i noticed a bumper sticker that said, " I don't believe in the death penalty, because look what happened to Jesus." Now this got me thinking, i applied my theological history knowledge and realized that bumper stick was complete b.s. Now for those that dont beleive in the death penalty. Congrats to you, and i won't stop you from trying to save our nation's mass murderers. But please do not bring Jesus into the fact that He was crucified so we should not use capital punishment because of that. First off, Jesus HAD to die in order to free the souls trapped in hell, so that the gates of heavan may be open to those souls and the souls from there on. This was stated in many prophecies and by Scriptures. Also Jesus could've not been crucified had he not wanted to for the simple fact oh.... i dunno he is GOD! But aside from that minor detail, this bumper sticker quote is just as moronic as those people that say the Ten Commandments should be removed or "Under God" should be stricken. Now that i have vented and ranted, please feel free to look at the previous post of glass dildos to bring yourself back to the randomness of FNR.....friggon Marraffa

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Guys I am goin to make millions making these. How do you feel about that?! Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Napoleon dynamite

i found a article about napoleon today in the Gloucester co. times but i was unable to find it on the internet to show u guys maybe ill find it tomorrow. But u guys have to read it
I must say, overall, I held my liquor... Posted by Hello
No, Lauren I am perfectly fine... Posted by Hello
That's the money shot children Posted by Hello
What you can't tell it that half of BJ's ace was shaved...the other half wasn't.....and he did this before the night began... Posted by Hello